Your "purpose" actually has nothing to do with you. Here's Why.

A few weeks ago, I wanted to quit. Everything. I was in a weird space that I just could not put my finger on. I just wasnt my usual excited, motived "let's go team!" self. And as energetic and uplifting of a person that I usually am, I just for some reason could not seem to pull myself out of this grey area. I was not depressed. I was just not as excited about things as I usually am in my cheerleader kind of way. So, I simply just rested in the fact that this "feeling" was a season in my life and it would eventually pass.

And then Dominque, a friend who I have never met in person shared her story on one of our weekly StoryTime for Moms calls. She talked about her new business with her husband and it was interestingly strange how some of the things she mentioned reflected a conversation with my own husband the day before. Needless to say, Dominque's story was very inspiring. Refreshing in fact and I had a renewed sense and excitement for my purpose. And then it hit me. What if Dominque had not pushed to follow her purpose and just quit everything. I may not have had the opportunity to hear her story and continue to move in my own purpose. In that moment I mostly thought about the community service events I had planned for me and the Mothering With Intention families. If I had stopped and Domique had stopped, simply because of a moment in time we were not super happy in our purpose, whose lives would not be impacted for the better?

One never knows and that is the point. As much as your purpose is about making you and others better or happy or whatever, its also about the people who you have no idea are part of your path.

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