Not crazy in the "Kitchen"

Our first official community service activity for Mothering With Inention was back in June and we called it "Kids in the Kitchen". The day was about my kids and others, decorating lunch bags and preparing a small lunch for Toni's Kitchen, an organization that feeds many who are in need. And, as I was driving to Toni's, kids in the back seat, husband riding shot gun, we drove past a park. I pointed out to The Love Sisters ( my three daighters) that during my first few months as a stay-at-home mom, I walked to this park, just about every other day with Love#1. You see, this day was special. Even though as a family we had done this community service activitiy before, I knew in my gut, they were going to remember everything about this day and this was going to be an experience with their mom that was going to define ME to them.

Let me explain. My mother wasn't perfect but I have perfect memories of her. My profession before being a professional mom was working big events with big clients, big names and big budgets. And while this event at Toni's Kitchen was not the same in scope or scale, I approached it just the same. Back in those days I was cool under pressure but easily agitated inside and quick to lose patience and border "crazy". My intention today was not to revert back to that in no way shape or form. And while I was producing an event/experience for families to do good, I aimed to keep top of mind that my own family was in this group. I wanted to make sure that they have perfect memories of doing community service and if possible, imperfect perfect memories of me. Check out the rest of the photos from our event, "Kids in the Kitchen" here.

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