He's Batman, I'm Robin

Occasionally, I joke with my husband and call him Batman and then say, "I'm Robin". To me, he's like a super hero, always making things happen, always striving to provide a wonderful life for our family. We are a team in so many ways. That's why I'm Robin. My kids overhear this but they don't really know who Batman is. Until now.

I was recently tasked with organizing a book drive for my oldest daughter's school. The books would go to a Reading Festival in a neighboring town that would encourage families to get library cards and help the immigrant population with their reading skills.

While my oldest was in school, me and my two youngest daughters would come to the school, assemble the drop boxes and organize the donations. For me, the most amazing thing was, as I would look through the various donations of books, I immediatly learned about the family they belonged to. There were learn to count books for toddlers, books about princesses, geography, math, science and...comic books. My middled daughter was immediatly drawn to Batman, the masked crusador. Because there were so many different Batman book donations, I ended up reading her a few variations aimed at kids her age. NOW, she understood who Batman was. He was like her dad, a hero.

Everyday my daughters worked at getting the books ready to be picked up for the book drive. I wanted them to experience helping other kids which they did, but in the end, they became little heros in their own right.

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